Modular House Furniture

We are here to beautify your home with well designed and well made Modular furniture. The furniture is not only functional but aesthetically satisfying.

Our furniture range includes :

Bedroom Furniture

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Bedroom Furniture:

At Vijusha Woodcraft we have a wide range of modular bedroom furniture to help make your house a home.

Wardrobe and Storages

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Wardrobes and storages:
We are one of the pioneer companies offering exhaustive gamut of Wardrobes, which are essential storage spaces for any home. Our company offers a stylish and organized Door Less Wardrobes and Storage Wardrobes, which make easy for you to search highly specious Wardrobes according to your needs and requirements to keep your clothing and other goods safely. Wardrobes are not only used for storing cloths and footwear but also used to store whatever you need. We manufacture and supply a wide range of models of wardrobes with and without door to suit different rooms and purposes.
Varieties of Wardrobes are available including Door-Less Wardrobes, Sliding Door Wardrobes, Glass Door Wardrobes, etc. Wardrobes offered by us are also used for displaying products like ornaments, books, show-pieces etc. Wardrobe has become an integral part of home, which is found in every room of your home including a display wardrobe in your living room, utensil storage in kitchen, and a clothing wardrobe in dressing room. These Wardrobes are not just small private hidden spaces for old clothes to retire. It gives an artistic, modern and stylish look to your home.

Bath Furniture

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Bath Furniture:
The modular look is almost a fusion of fully fitted bathroom furniture and freestanding furniture, offering a hybrid of design styles with the practicality of massive storage. Furniture here is often either wall mounted in short runs or coupled with chrome legs to create focus furniture areas, but without a fully fitted bathroom concept.The idea of this modular look is to get a minimalist modern look but also valuable storage space for all those bathroom items.The more contemporary ranges such as Aspen are particularly well suited to this format of furniture.